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Taking care of yourself by fermenting

The pleasure of making food and drink at home,
thinking about health and well-being of the body.

Eating fermented foods regularly is useful for a good digestion, strength the immune system, prevent the most common disorders affecting the digestive system and ensures the proper function of the whole organism. Science says it and nutritionists and experts from all over the world have supported it for years.

There are many fermented foods and drinks that can be introduced regularly into our diet, each capable of increasing the daily pro-biotic intake for the benefit of the gut. These are foods that can also be kept out of the fridge, are easily digested and help the body’s natural defenses function properly.

Fermentation is a precious ally for our health, even if it is not the only reason to eat fermented.

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Fermentiamo: Who we are

For many years we have been suppliers of tools and equipment for the fermentation of wine and beer.

As lovers of good and genuine foods and drinks, we decided to commit ourselves  in the world of fermentation, and from here Fermentiamo was born: a collection point for high quality equipment and raw materials for the production of Kombucha, Kefir, fermented vegetables and more.

Our idea is to provide you with everything you need to produce many healthy drinks and foods at home, in the most creative way possible, and with fun!!